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Hold your present tightly

Billy is lying on the bed and surfing on internet.Today she is missing her little brother Tom .Tom is five years old school going boy. They were so happy when they met each other at their parents wedding.Billy’s Mom Ms. Richard and Tom’s father Professor James both are teaching in the same college. Billy’s fatherContinue reading “Hold your present tightly”

No bars to learn something

Emily a seven years old girl has recently joined her ballet dance classes. She is an active child and needs all time action. She is very good in co- curricular activities as well as studies. Whosoever see her performing different activities , they get surprised. Her parents are very happy to have such a sweetContinue reading “No bars to learn something”

How I Saved my Wonderland

Mrs Jany is a nursery class teacher. She teaches the three years old children. She loves the children a lot. They love coming to school in different coloured dresses with their sweet smiles. Mrs Jany feels like in heaven when these children are around her. Mrs Jany was living alone in a small flat. HerContinue reading “How I Saved my Wonderland”

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