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No bars to learn something

Emily a seven years old girl has recently joined her ballet dance classes. She is an active child and needs all time action. She is very good in co- curricular activities as well as studies.

Whosoever see her performing different activities , they get surprised. Her parents are very happy to have such a sweet daughter.Emily told her parents that she wants to practice her ballet dance at home also.Her parents did the necessary arrangements at home and motivated her to go ahead.

One day Emily was discarding her old dresses. She called Mrs Tim her servant in her room. Mrs. Tim came along with her daughter. Emily gave her few dresses and asked her to discard them. Nancy the daughter of Mrs Tim jumped with joy and asked Emily,” Oh my God! these dresses are so beautiful, can I wear them rather throwing?”

” Well I don’t have any problem Nancy . You can keep them if you feel they are useful to you.” Said Emily

Nancy was so happy today. She got a ballet dance dress and footwear also which were very less used.

Illustration Of Girl Holding Dresses In Hand Royalty Free Cliparts,  Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 13190430.

Next day Nancy was looking so beautiful in Emily’s dress. She was running and playing in the house. Emily liked it and gave her two toys to play. Nancy was not knowing how to operate those toys. Emily asked her to came upstairs in her room. There they both played and enjoyed with different toys.

Emily and Nancy became good friends now. They love the company of each other.

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One day Mrs. Tim was scolding Nancy very badly and Nancy was crying. Emily heard the noise and ran towards her ballet dance area , her parents also came out after hearing the scoldings. They all reached at the same time and saw little Nancy dressed up in Emily’s ballet dance dress and crying loudly. She was very scared .

Cartoon Streamer Dancer Black (Page 1) -

“What do you think , you will become like these rich people?. Don’t you ever dare to touch Emily’s belongings now on wards. Understood?” Said crying Mrs Tim.

Emily’s mother stopped Mrs. Tim and asked her to talk to the child nicely.

Emily asked Nancy,” Do you want to learn dance like me Nancy?”

“I have already learnt your steps by seeing you dancing and today I came here to act like you step by step, but Mummy caught me before than that.” replied sobbing Nancy.

“Madam she is trying to dream so high, so it’s my duty to stop her.” explained Mrs. Tim

Emily’s mother asked Emily also to dress up right now and show her steps with Nancy.

Both the girls got ready and both of them gave their best performance.

Emily’s parents observed that their daughter danced more nicely and happily today. Emily’s father said that if a child wants to learn something then there is no harm in that. Art is not made for any special category . Nobody is allowed to scold Nancy . Now she will also go with Emily for dance class. Both the girls became best dancers of the academy.


7 thoughts on “No bars to learn something

  1. Nancy dream became true.
    Be positive all the parents.
    Just encourage everyone. They will create lots of wonders.
    Thanks for sharing nice story my dear friend.
    Keep rocking.


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