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Yeah! I Got My Partner

Naomi is a five years old girl.She lives in a joint family. Her family members give proper care and loveto her. They all live happily together.

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One day Naomi’s parents came to her in her playing room and started playing with her. It was little unbelievable thing for Naomi because she is used to play alone.After half an hour her parents stood and told her to continue her game alone. Naomi requested them not to go but parents left the room.

During lunch time Naomi’s parents asked her ,”Did you continue your game afterwards?”

Naomi said ,”no”.

Mother,”But why? You are used to play alone then what happened?”

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Naomi,”Dont’t know mom the moment you left the game became boring.”

Mother,” We all need companion and family members to make our life easy and enjoyable my child.”

Naomi,”Then you come everyday to play with me mom.”

Mother,” We have to go to office everyday so this is not possible dear, but your father has an idea for you.”

Father,”What if God gives you your brother or sister? That child will give you company in all of your games and will never leave you alone.”

Naomi’s eyes were sparkling with joy and she said yes happily.

Father,” Naomi , its not so easy ,that child will be very small, who will take care of him?”

Naomi said ,” I will help him in learning all the things papa and You just bring him home so that I can continue my game.”

Mother,” He will take your toys and sometimes he will cry and irritate you also, Will you be happy with that?”

Naomi,”I have so many game ideas in my mind . I will never say no to him.”

After few days the parents brought a tiny baby from the hospital . Naomi entered her mother’s room and saw the child.

”It looks like my doll mumma”. Naomi

Mother,” Yes my child he is looking like your doll but your doll will remain same for years and it will never talk to you.But if you will help your brother then he will became a big boy and will play all the games with you.”

Naomi,”Will he sing with me?”

Mother,”Yes,He will talk,play and study like you, but right now he needs our help and love to grow.”

“Give my brother in my lap , Let me introduce him with all our family member mom.”

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